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make me choose: jdaethirlwall asked: Move or Word up? Both

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♔ 170+ small & medium HQ gifs of JADE THIRLWALL [PART II.] can be found under the cut. None of these gifs belong to me so full credit goes to their original makers. Please like and/or reblog if this helps you in any way. [PART I. WITH 700+ GIFS]

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Celeb’ Selfies - Jade Thirlwall


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Jade & Justin packs {requested}

• please like if you save or use
• do not need to give credit

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Little Mix challenge

  • Favourite member: Jade Thirlwall

(not my gifs)

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Little Mix:
Then and Now

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@LittleMix: Trying to be healthy but I can’t stop eating crispy cakes 🙈 mmmm xxjadexx

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